Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt #1, © Graham Dew 2012
Easter Egg Hunt #1

In our family, there is one tradition that has survived the transition from childhood to teenage years. The children know who Father Christmas is, the Tooth Fairy “don’t come ‘round here no more” and we never really got into Halloween.  But one thing we all love doing is our own custom of the Easter Egg Hunt in our local woods.

Easter Egg Hunt #2, © Graham Dew 2012
Easter Egg Hunt #2

When the children were small we would spend many happy hours scampering around in the shade of ancient beech trees, secreting eggs that weren’t too difficult too find or reach. After a while all the found eggs would be pooled and then shared equally. The number was always less than we had hidden, with some being inevitably lost and others (rarely) would be eaten by hungry little treasure seekers. Later, the children would then hide the eggs for us, which would be either ridiculously easy to find, or impossible if buried in a bank of leaves.

Easter Egg Hunt #3, © Graham Dew 2012
Easter Egg Hunt #3

These days the kids are much better at finding the eggs, and much better at hiding them. It is still a lovely way to spend an Easter afternoon, to have a stroll in the woods, and to spend time playing together as a family.

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Mike C. said...

How interesting, we have always done exactly the same thing -- until this year (kids are now 21 and 18). It's what Cadbury's mini-eggs are for!

Happy Easter,